About Me

Hi, I'm James and I run The Quality Compound. I began investing over a decade ago. Since then, the market has been through many ups and downs: the resources crash in 2015, Brexit and more recently the world’s shortest bear market — the Covid-19 crisis. My investment stance has evolved over the years, but it retains the principle of finding value in quality companies, for which I intend to remain invested for the long term. I currently run a personal ISA, a family ISA portfolio and more recently have set up a trading account for taking more short term positions.

My reason for starting this website is to make investing in equities as accessible as possible. We have taken great strides in making the physical act of buying shares accessible in recent times, but far too often the information provided alongside these platforms is lacking. With inequality perpetuated by the rise in the value of assets owned (by those fortunate enough to own them), it is increasingly important to allow access to quality information that everyone can benefit from.

In the late 2000’s when I was growing up, my family were victims of a fraudulent scheme and ended up losing a significant amount of their savings. This was a very distressing time for everyone, and has certainly impacted my stance on making investments. It is therefore a personal ambition of mine to help people avoid situations where their good intentions are taken for granted. Whilst I do not want to deter people from investing, fraudulence can take place in many forms, and does occasionally appear in listed businesses even as recently as events at Wirecard or Patisserie Valerie. The reveal of a fraudulent business usually catches out even the most well respected investors, and this is why true diversification is the key to avoiding this risk.

As you will have already read and agreed to my disclaimer, you will understand that I am not a financial adviser. This means I am only providing my opinion and market commentary. I cannot respond to any requests soliciting information as to 'what to do' with a particular share. However, if there is something you don't understand or something you would like more information on, please feel free to each out to my email at james@thequalitycompound.com