The Twenties Trader Rebrand to The Quality Compound

Dear reader,

Firstly, I want to thank you for your readership of The Twenties Trader in my first year of writing. I know some of you have been here since the very beginning, and I’m very grateful for all of your support.

I have learnt a lot over this year and have spent much time thinking about where I see The Twenties Trader moving to and what my hopes are for the future. After careful consideration, I have decided to make some fundamental changes to the way that the service is currently run.

Firstly, I have decided to change the name of ‘The Twenties Trader’ to ‘The Quality Compound’. My true investing ethos centres around finding superior businesses that are able to compound over the years, at opportune moments when valuation looks compelling. I originally chose the name The Twenties Trader because I felt it created a persona I could write from online, as a person in their twenties (in the 2020’s) buying and selling stocks.

However, on reflection, I think the name creates confusion with new readers expecting me to come up with trade ideas and be highly active, as opposed to helping readers identify and understand world class businesses and indicate when they are trading at attractive prices. The Quality Compound is far more suited to who I am and what I aim to find in the market.

Secondly, I have made some changes to the service that is currently offered to Patreon subscribers. Currently, the majority of my time is spent writing the content that I produce for my subscribers such as Weekly market Round-Ups, Portfolio Updates and the Quarterly Newsletters.

Unfortunately, whilst also juggling my full-time career, I have found this difficult to sustain, and the (free to read) website has suffered as a result. I am passionate about writing content that is accessible to everyone. With this in mind, I needed to make some changes to the way I run this service in order to not burnout and continue to offer great writing to as many readers as I can.

The Patreon membership is going to become a service that is solely focused on my portfolio, specifically on portfolio updates. I will be making the first 20 of my portfolio holdings in each portfolio public on the website — although when exactly I buy and sell stocks and the monthly portfolio PDF will still be locked behind the Patreon. The Weekly Round-Ups, including the Company Spotlights, will be moving as free to access on the website.

This is an exciting prospect for me, because it allows me to share my write ups and insight with more readers, whilst reducing the quantity of workload (and hopefully increasing the quality of work!).

If you have any further questions or wish to provide some feedback on the content I have produced so far, please feel free to contact me.

I wish you all the best on your stock market journey in 2022,

Best Regards,


Writer of The Quality Compound